Home Visits

We have a nationwide team of trained will writing consultants who provide a home visiting service and can take your instructions in the comfort of your own home.

Standard single or pair of mirrored wills £99.00

Following your appointment we then prepare your documents and return these to you for checking and signing. Contact us to make an appointment

Why Make a Will ?

A will lets you Protect your family's inheritance and decide how your assets are shared out – if you don’t make a will, the law says who gets what. Read more about Wills

Family & Property Trusts

In certain circumstances it can make sense to consider looking at setting up a Family or Property Trust. Whether this is for Estate planning purposes; the beneficiary is too young to inherit; the beneficiary is infirm and unable to manage the assets themselves or just to protect assets for eventual beneficiaries  ....Learn more about Family and Property Trusts

Probate Administration

A Grant of Probate is a legally binding document that allows your Executors to gain access to all of your assets, settle any outstanding debts and then distribute the remainder to beneficiaries. Read more about Probate Administration

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Client Testimonials  

  • “I found the whole service undertaken with care and courtesy. The consultant was friendly and efficient”. – Mrs Williams
  • “It is very daunting to make a will but the genetleman that came to us was very helpful and put us at ease. All questions answered and helpful information and guidance. Cannot fault the service.” – G Deacon
  • “Very helpful advisor, knowledgable and experienced” - Mr & Mrs Humphrey
  • “We were happy with the service and the agent who came to our house” – Mr & Mrs Fisher

'Asset Locator' - Where it's kept.

After The funeral Guide

Research has shown that a staggering 50% of over 65’s have not even made a Will let alone left details of where their important documents are kept! Millions of pounds worth of unclaimed insurance policies, as well as funds in ‘dormant’ accounts, will never be claimed simply because surviving beneficiaries have not even been made aware of their existence. Download, Print and Complete our 'Asset Locator' Guide.